Neena at Clingstone

Neena at Clingstone

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Here's some photos showing the results of last winter/spring/summer work.
this has been renewed

one of three new tillers!

I love to make locust cleats.

Old Miracle behind Neena, we sold her after 32 years.

new bowsprit/anchor platform

new old tiller fitting

learning how to raise the rig.

beaching is easy!

on her mooring in Mt. Hope Bay


New pine sole

beating in 15 knots

back home for the winter


  1. Hey Bro - What a beautiful boat! I'm building Reuel's 31.5 Egret, and often think I would have been better to build the Presto 30. Oh well...

    Neena looks really good now, your work I am sure has helped immensely. Lots of room inside and probably a much drier boat. That water seems to get in somewhere, no matter what. Keep it up!! - Dennis

  2. Nice to see another Sandpiper32 being sailed!

    For ours, see:

    Ours has Walt Scott's free standing masts.