Neena at Clingstone

Neena at Clingstone

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More pictures

Rudder bearing exposed, will need to replace the rubber gaskets and find a nice 1 1/4 bronze tiller head.
Pvc and cable tie cover frame with Sunbrella cover someone gave me.
Cleaned up MaxProp, I'll fill some surface corrosion with epoxy mixed with bronze powder.
Mostly old wire, miles of it, thirty odd years.
windlass will go. Maybe a samson post, another chain pipe?
looking frwrd, bilge brd tackles, aluminum tabernacles(not original)
Cool head details on forword blkhd. Nice bronze Perko opening port
Rotten head plinth
down below, lots to be done here. Alot of refinishing, reconfiguring and replacement of rotten plywood.
starting to remove the cumbersome tiller head
Lets see if I can figure out this posting of pictures with descriptive tags. Yesterdays first post showed the boat in my back yard. I'd like to show  some pictures of her in N.J. on her trailer as I first saw her. Then some more pictures of her at home.
Trailer with new paint, bearings and lights.
On her trailer in early Oct.

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