Neena at Clingstone

Neena at Clingstone

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Neena's second season so far ( late July)

Well here it is late July and we're ready for some cruising. Everything is more or less working and shipshape. Neena's been in since late May. We launched her at a state ramp in Bristol from R.I. Boat Hauler's Brownell style trailer. My brother -in-law Bob helped me raise the masts, with my A frame and a couple of three part tackles. Piece of cake. Then off I motored after bleeding the Yanmar again.


The changes I made to the rig have helped her sail a little better. By bringing the triatic down to what would have the forestay point on the mainmast, helps open up the mainsail leech and an adjustable backstay also helps with shaping the main.
When the breeze gets to 13 or 14 knots I can reef the Main now which balances the helm and by flattening the sails, she won't heel too much, keeping the helm light.
Phoebe and I have done a couple of over nighters and our living arrangements seem o.k. The ice box is easier to use since I made the lid open to a latch above it to hold it open for rummaging with out losing any limbs. My small folding table is a hit with my journalist too.
The bilge board trunk leak was fixed but in fooling around with the starboard one this spring, I created a drip! Oh well, I have to drop them again this winter to replace the turning blocks any way. The boards still won't go down all the way on their own. I'm not sure why, maybe too much paint near the pivot bolts? I also suspect the boards where lengthened at some point from 5 to 6 feet. I know I'm not done with making the whole system work smoothly. All this board stuff must have an affect on helm balance. Phil Bolger says I need a bigger Main with a deep reef and a small jib to carry till it's luff sags too much then bring in the jib, reef the main and sail on as a cat ketch.

We must be getting old because our favorite new old feature is the bimini. So nice to be out of the middle of the day sun.

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