Neena at Clingstone

Neena at Clingstone

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Spring 2015 work

Pulled the leaking aluminium fuel tank out and found some pin holes and corrosion on the bottom due to some water that found it's way in below the tank from a leak in the strbd. bilge board trunk. Cleaned it up, sanded and applied some JB weld epoxy putty to the bad looking spots. Cleaned, sanded and painted the locker that holds the tank and then plumbed it back in place.
Next I removed and rebuilt the cockpit locker hatch coamings which were leaking into the lkrs. due to old dried up bedding. I rebedded them with some goop and back fastened with ss # 8's.
I built and installed a coaming for the access hatch in the cockpit sole and removed the false sole only to find a spongy and de-laminating sole. Oh well, for now I installed a couple of beams underneath and added a post too, which seems sturdy enough for now and I gained 3/4 of an inch of cockpit depth not to mention no more leaks from the cockpit. I'm also building a hatch for the access hatch coaming, all out of ash, which I seem to have alot of and if I treat it with some thing, should last.
I discovered that the used tiller head fitting I bought on E-bay last winter, is deformed enough that the tiller is off center by several degrees which was annoying, sailing last summer. Instead of buying a very expensive new part, I realized I could modify a fatter brass key to effectivly move the tiller fitting slightly to starboard in relation to the rudder shaft and all's right.
While It was snowing non-stop, I added reefs to the two sails on the dinning room floor with help from a book or two and Sail Rite. Hopefully my guess work as to location and angles will be close enough, we'll see.
Next up are filling and glassing the repairs on the two trunks, new and reconditioned bilge board pivot bolts, re-attaching pennants and re-installation of the bilge boards themselves. Last summer, besides leaks, the boards wouldn't go down all the way. Upwind sailing should improve.
The first mate would like a few improvements made in the galley area, along with some more paint here and there.
Still plenty to do before launching some time in June.

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